B-X Vapor

WE ARE STILL TAKING ORDERS, BUT PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: We are about to completely out of caps for our bottles and haven't been able to get in contact with our supplier over the past several weeks to restock more. All current unfulfilled orders are fine and will be fulfilled and shipped out over the next few days, but for any new orders coming in (while this message is displayed) just know that there may be a fairly large delay in being able to get your order made and shipped out. It all depends on how quickly more caps can be acquired. We do have some different bottle styles than what we normally use, but those will only be used for the current orders in case the caps fully run out before completing them all. There aren't enough of those bottles to continue using for new orders coming in though, so please be patient if you place an order while we are having this issue. I'm really sorry for this inconvenience, but this has been out of my control since there's only the single supplier for the caps we use. Once again, ALL ORDERS PLACED WHILE THIS MESSAGE IS UP WILL BE DELAYED IN FULFILLMENT UNTIL MORE CAPS ARRIVE. ***UPDATE 1/5*** Finally got in contact with our bottle supplier and an order for caps has been made, it is now just up to how quickly they get shipped out and pass through customs. Thank you to all of those with current orders, your patience is appreciated! There are a lot of unfulfilled orders currently, so once the caps come in it will take a few days to get all of these orders out, but they will be prioritized over any new orders coming in. *** ****UPDATE 1/19*** The caps have finally been delivered this afternoon! So orders will start to fulfill tomorrow, starting with the oldest ones first. Thank you again everyone for the patience. There is a huge backlog of orders at the moment, so new orders coming in will probably take at least 10 days before we are able to get to them. Things should get back to normal around the first week or two of February. **** UPDATE 2/9**** Orders are coming along well and the bulk of the older ones have been shipped out so far. There have been a very large number of orders that have came in over the past 2 weeks so we are still at a decent backlog at the moment. Expect delays on fulfillment for at least another week. I'm trying to get out as many per day as I can but there are a lot of large orders that take up more time than normal. Thanks as always! The password to enter the site is "understood" (no quotes)